Stop losing hours (and money!!) in your business by doing repetitive tasks.

Download my FREE  tech toolkit and receive technology recommendations to eliminate repetition and grow a modern, profitable business you can scale sustainably and increase profitability  - - without hourly billing.










Heyyy, I am Kim!

I am your resident business coach and practicing attorney for impact-focused businesses!


I love what I do and I want to share some of the magic of disruption (in this case, with technology) with you!

Like you, I was taught that the traditional model, including hourly billing, was the most viable and sensible way to grow and scale a business (in my case, a law firm).

Like you, time and time again, that mindset was proven wrong.

Using that traditional model, I was chasing fees, I had unhappy clients, and I was unhappy running my business.

So, I stopped billing by the hour, I stopped thinking like a "traditional lawyer" and I built a business aligned with my goals, my strengths, my client's needs - - and driven by technology.

I've learned a lot along the way. 

If you're tired of chasing hours, grab my FREE Tech Toolkit and discover resources (and some bonus info) to help you build a modern business today!


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