Are you ready to build a business that funds your impact?

It's time to ditch the status quo.










Welcome to Watch Us Lead

It's time to break free of the traditional model and build fearless and profitable business built on recurring revenue. In Watch Us Lead, we focus on three key drivers of success for modern businesses that are tired of the status quo and are ready to fund the social and structural change they want to see.


Align your whole being with a business that breaks free of the traditional model, rigid mindset, outdated strategies, and unhealthy habits and practices.


Activate your signature subscription service designed to afford you a lifestyle that supports your goals, grows your business, and provides consistent cash flow.


Amplify your purpose by leveraging a premier, technology-driven business, that provides the energy, power, and freedom to fund the social and structural change you want to see.

Join our coaching program and mastermind for womxn driving change in their industries through intentional, innovative and impactful disruption.


>> Reclaim your time,
>> Ditch the billable hour,
>> Stop chasing unpaid fees,
>> Streamline your processes,
>> Consistently find new clients,
>> Enjoy life & love your business, 
>> Have the freedom to take time off,
>> Design your signature subscription service,
>> And, grow your business with recurring revenue!!


Are you ready to amplify your impact?

Join the Watch Us Lead collective and ditch the billable hour, design their signature subscription service, and and grow a business that provides you the freedom, flexibility, and financial resources to fund your personal, professional, and political impact


Tell me more about Watch Us Lead and She Leads the Law...

Watch Us Lead is a womxn-led collective of forward-thinking entrepreneurs across a range of industries ready to lead the path toward a more just and inclusive society and legal system. We accomplish this by designing signature subscription services and building recurring revenue businesses that fund our impact. As a member of Watch Us Lead, you are designing, launching, and improving your signature subscription service, using my framework, so you can achieve the financial freedom you need to fund your impact.

She Leads the Law is a small-group mastermind for womxn who are bold, decisive and ready to take action. Womxn in She Leads the Law want a higher level of support and accountability to take their business to the next level. The mastermind is designed to teach you the nine pillars you need to see serious growth in your business by activating the power of your signature subscription service. From marketing strategy to process development, you will learn and apply tailored business strategies to grow your business and accelerate your impact.

Watch Us Lead and She Leads the Law are not cookie-cutter experiences. Instead, the experiences are focused on helping you design your unique signature subscription service and implement tailored business strategy to grow a profitable and sustainable recurring revenue business.

The collective and mastermind, led by Kim, is here to support you. We know entrepreneurship is a team sport and you should not build your empire in isolation.

We focus on strategy, not content. In Watch Us Lead and She Leads the Law, you will have access to coaching, resources, and training to help you design, launch, and sustain your signature subscription service and recurring revenue business. However, we don't believe content is what drives results. We believe tailored strategy and execution are key. We support you to get it done. Period.

Who is this for?

The Watch Us Lead and She Leads the law is for womxn (and our allies) who want to design a signature subscription service and build fearless and profitable businesses with recurring revenue. We are lawyers and non-lawyers. We are educators and influencers. We are womxn innovating in every aspect of our industries and we embrace the change with creativity, curiosity, and courage.

We know there are many ways to serve ourselves, our clients, and our community that no longer looks like a traditional business. And, we are ready to be bold, brave and unapologetic about designing businesses of the future.

The members of Watch Us Lead and She Leads the Law are ready to lead changes in the law and our communities with modern and innovative businesses that are designed for today's consumer. 

If this describes you, you are in the right place.


When do we start?

We are excited to welcome you and our next cohort of badass womxn to the mastermind beginning September 2020. 

How much time will it take me to work through the mastermind each week? 

We recommend that you commit 2 hours per week to work through the materials and implement what you learn. We have a range of resources to support your growth and development, including our live sessions.

Hi! I am Kim...

I am ready to help you ditch the billable hour, reclaim your time, and grow a profitable and sustainable business with your signature subscription service.

It's time to design a business that allows you can step into your bigger purpose - authentically and unapologetically - to lead the social, systemic, and structural change you want to see in this world.

Let's go! Join Watch Us Lead - -because, the time is now.

We welcome new members beginning September 2020.