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In this 30-day incubator you will:

Break down traditional mindsets

Build your signature subscription service

Plan your launch and add recurring revenue to your business

It's time to unlock the opportunity waiting for you by designing your signature subscription service.


✨ Ditch the billable hour,

✨ Ditch the burnout and overwhelm,

✨ Add consistent revenue to your business,

✨ Have your bills paid on time, ahead of time,

✨ Develop a tech-driven, client-centric business, and

✨ Activate your purpose - - to become a fearless, mission-driven business leader.


You have your vision of growing a modern business...

...and now you're ready to take the next step to make it a reality. It's time to break the traditional fee structure and launch your signature subscription service that provides you the economic power to make it happen

The business world is changing.

Hell -- the world is changing, as we know it.

COVID pushed us there earlier this year and #BlackLivesMatter will make sure we never go back to the status quo. ✊🏾

Quick note: If you think going back to the status quo is the right move, I'm not the person for you to learn from. Period.

So, if you're with me...let's continue...

Through the massive awakening that's happening as we speak in 2020, you still need to build your business.


Because - - The world needs your leadership and your voice.

As active (and aspiring) social impact leaders, we don't shy away from the tough conversations. In fact, we design our businesses precisely so we can step into our bigger purpose - authentically and unapologetically - to lead the social, systemic, and structural change we want to see in this world.

Ignite your business with your signature subscription service and bring power to your business with predictable profits, streamlined operations, and client-focused design.

The Ignite Incubator includes:

✅ 6 subscription design modules,

✅ 4 live design + integration sessions,

✅ 5 Digital Workbooks to guide your ideas, and

✅ 60 days of on-demand replays of your live sessions

Investment: $2500

Hey!! I'm Kim...

and I'm excited to help you ditch the billable hour, unhealthy mindset, and constant burnout associated with the traditional way of designing your services. 

It's time to design a business that allows you can step into your bigger purpose - authentically and unapologetically - to lead the social, systemic, and structural change you want to see in this world.

Let's get to work with launching your signature subscription service and adding recurring revenue to your business, today!

We welcome new members beginning September 2020.


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