The Ignite Incubator

The most comprehensive program for validating, designing, and launching your signature subscription service.

The Ignite Incubator is the only program that teaches you Kim's step-by-step process to package, price, and pitch your signature subscription service so you can bring freedom to your practice with revenue on repeat.

You've already built your business -- and now you're ready for reliable, sustainable, and scalable income.

You tried creating a subscription...

...but you just re-packaged your billables or you haven't figured out how to scale.

You tried utilizing retainers...

...but you were stuck with clients that didn't go anywhere or embrace proactive services.

And you tried flat fees...

...but you are still chasing new clients months after month and you are feeling like you're heading to burnout.

What if you stopped chasing inconsistent revenue and designed a subscription that pays you every month?

Because here’s the truth about subscriptions - there's not a magic bullet that works for everyone.

Fancy branding is not what keeps clients saying "yes!" - month after month.

Copying someone else's "magic formula" doesn't make your business stand out (or keep your client roster full).

You need a step-by-step framework that gives you the tools to make strategic decisions unique to your business. 

..and that’s where The Ignite Incubator comes in.

3 Steps to Revenue on Repeat

Step #1

Design your Signature Offer -- with your unique framework that gets your clients the results they hired you to help them with (without you working excess hours).

Step #2

Design Your Signature Plan --  and create a subscription pricing plan that's client-centered AND scalable so you can capitalize on your knowledge - not just the time you're spending with each client. 

Step #3

Design Your Signature (Beta) Launch - once you've nailed your audience, offer, and plan, it's time to launch! The best way to refine your signature subscription is to get it in front of the right people.

With an intentionally designed signature subscription offer, you can finally stop hourly billing -- and start enjoying revenue on repeat.

Design and launch your signature subscription service

...and scale your business without trading dollars for time

with The Ignite Incubator

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Design your Signature Audience so you know exactly what type of client you want to work with, and attract them every time
  • Design your Signature Offer that blends your expertise with what your clients need, balanced with how you want to show up
  • Design your Signature Plan and pricing that will allow you to more freedom and ease in your business and life
  • Design your Signature Beta Launch and turn on the magic of revenue on repeat!
  • Detailed video trainings to walk you through everything you need for your signature subscription service
  • Step-by-step digital workbooks to organize your ideas and support you through the building process
  • And the support and guidance you need to go from idea to launch

Today's price: just $2000

(or 3 payments of $750)


single payment



3 x monthly payments


Here’s exactly what we’ll cover inside The Ignite Incubator:

  • The blocks and beliefs that are keeping you from your big, bold goals.

  • How to design a service that brings more ease and profitability into your business

  • The Impact Roadmap to help guide you through the process, step-by-step

  • How to take imperfect action so you don't get stuck in ideation
  • Pricing strategy to help you price for profit and scalability
  • How to shift from business defaults and into intentional design


It's everything you need to design and launch your signature subscription service.


Plus, these awesome bonuses to help you launch your signature subscription without getting overwhelmed 

Bonus #1

Design your Signature Funnel with the pipelines and processes that will get your marketing sorted (and help people find and hire you).

Bonus #2

Design your Signature Experience to help you with client retention and growth with a process-driven business that is scalable (aka not more work as it grows)


I love helping business owners make legacy level impact with reliable and scalable revenue.

I'm an avid traveler, lover of tech, legal industry disruptor, speaker, coach, a 4+ time entrepreneur, and attorney who leads: 

The Watch Us Lead Collective
, a community + coaching practice for social impact entrepreneurs scaling their signature subscription service.

and ...

K Bennett Law LLC, a boutique, virtual trademark and business strategy law practice for social impact enterprises exclusively offering subscription legal services.

I'm passionate about moving the legal industry forward and building a community of womxn-led social impact innovators, particularly womxn of color, who are creating fearless and profitable tech-driven businesses that fund the impact they want to see in our society and legal system.

I received my Juris Doctor degree from Villanova University School of Law in Villanova, Pennsylvania and my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and pre-medicine concentration from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.

I currently run both of my virtual businesses from Atlanta, GA. You can find me across social media and chat with me on twitter here >> (@kbennettlaw).

With The Ignite Incubator, you're just 6 weeks away from...


A signature subscription service that perfectly blends your zone of genius with the best way to serve your clients


A marketing and launch plan mapped out and ready to go


A clear plan for consistent and reliable income that you can anticipate, month after month


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